Social Anxiety (sometimes)

I am possibly the most socially awkward person I have ever met. Its not like most people think, however. I’m not constantly trembling and stumbling over words. I don’t dread talking to people, in fact I look forward to it. I’m just inconsistent in my behavior. Meaning, one day I’ll be the most outgoing happy go lucky social butterfly to have ever lived. While other days (most days) I slump back in my chair and pretend to be invisible. This inconsistency leads people to believe I am “fake”… Which I’m not. I’m just not completely comfortable with who I am yet. But really, who is?

xo, Jenna Denise


How to Cure a Feminist

Feminism, according to Google definition, is the

advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

To cure a feminist of their original views, one must do several things:
1. realize that feminism is not a trend or fad…but an outlook on the life of women through the lense of misogyny.

2. understand that a ladies life has been shaped by men her entire life. As much as you’d like to believe it not true, there is in fact a tremendous about of prejudice against women in every city in every country around the world.

3. embrace change. Times are changing, and so should world views. Women are no longer (but really never were) second to men. Someday, hopefully in my lifetime, all discrimination among race, religion, and gender will be abolished. Adapt or die.

Feminism was reported dead in Time Magazine in 1998. But feminism is back and stronger than ever. We fight for equality of all human beings regardless of gender. Get aboard or get lost.

3/4/2015 11:13 AM

Its almost midnight and I’m wide awake. All I can think is who the hell is vaccuming their apartment at 11:13AM I can’t sleep, so naturally I will blog about my day until I bore myself unconscious.

Today I had to wake up at 6AM to get to work by 7. What bullshit. I am still in high school, I shouldn’t need to work my ass off anywhere else but at school. I am a very hard and diligent worker, but there’s only so much I can do. Wow I’m already so bored anf its only been 5 minutes. We will see how this whole blogging thing goes.

Jenna Denise